101 Dog Training Tips



Book Description

When you have a problem with your dog, you need answers fast. That's why 101 Dog Training Tips is an essential book for any dog owner.

Every aspect of training your companion dog is covered, including:
* Laying a good training foundation * Housetraining * Greeting people * Everyday obedience * Coming when called * Leash walking * Barking * Being alone * Handling vet trips * Chewing * What to do if things go wrong * Attitude and perspective *

Each of 101 Dog Training Tips' clear, easy-to-understand explanations will make you a better trainer, so you'll have a better-trained dog. Whether you're just getting started or are an experienced dog owner looking for fresh ideas, you'll find exactly what you need from the first to the hundred-and-first tip.

About Mortensen, Kirsten

Kirsten Mortensen is a professional writer living in Rochester, New York.
She is the coauthor, with Terry Ryan, of Outwitting Dogs and has published numerous other articles and essays, including "I Learned It from My Dog,"
the lead essay in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series book, Weight Loss. Her weblog can be found at www.kirstenmortensen.com.