Ambushing Trophy Whitetails

Tactical Systems For Big-Buck Success


Book Description

Ambushing Trophy Whitetails is the new playbook for the deer hunter up to the challenge of hunting big bucks, with bow and with gun. Veteran hunting writer John Trout Jr. calls upon his years of taking numerous super bucks to show the reader how to create multiple "ambush" sites through careful profiling of individual animals. Trout combines compelling stories of successful hunts with methodology to give the reader a new systematic approach to whitetail hunting.

About Trout, John, Jr.

John Trout Jr. began hunting with both rifle and bow in the 1960s, and has since taken twelve whitetail buck that would “make book.” His feature writing has appeared in magazines such as Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, and he has written eight books on big-game hunting. He lives in Fairfield, Illinois.