Jackie Bushman's Top 50 Whitetail Tactics

Hunting Techniques That Really Work


Book Description

With more than 400,000 members, Buckmasters is an organization devoted entirely to deer and deer hunting. Founded fifteen years ago by Jackie Bushman, Buckmasters prides itself on disseminating hunting information that its members can put to good use. After fifteen years of heading up Buckmasters and hosting the nationally acclaimed Buckmasters television series, Jackie Bushman has picked up a wealth of information on whitetail hunting. And now, for the first time, he has put it all down in his first book. Containing his favorite fifty hunting tips--everything from reading tracks and droppings, to understanding deer habits and habitat, to choosing the right guns and gear for the hunt at hand, to proper placement of tree-stands--Jackie Bushman's Top 50 Whitetail Tactics is guaranteed to soar to the top of the deer-hunting charts. Liberally illustrated with color photographs throughout, plus illustrations and diagrams, this is the type of book that all deer hunters--be they members of Buckmasters or not--will appreciate. They can't help but come away as more knowledgeable deer hunters after reading this book. The only question is, when will Jackie Bushman come out with his next volume? You can be sure people will be asking for it as soon as they finish this one.

About Bushman, Jackie

Jackie Bushman launched Buckmasters, Inc. in 1985 after a successful tennis career as a world-class pro and coach. Armed with an idea and a lot of determination, Bushman hit the road, selling Buckmasters memberships one at a time.

Since then, Buckmasters has grown into the largest deer-hunting organization in the world, with more than 400,000 members. Buckmasters now has a monthly magazine and a weekly television show. It also features the annual National Deer Classic hunting competition, as well as the Top Bow Indoor Shooting Series and World Champion 3D Competition.

Since 1991, Buckmasters has run Project Venison, a national program that feeds more than half a million needy people a year. Buckmasters also conducts hunts for the physically challenged, provides college scholarships for worthy students pursuing careers in wildlife managements and conservation, and hunting education programs for children who would not otherwise be exposed to the outdoors.