Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing

Where To Find Them, How To Catch Them


Book Description

The amazing resurgence of the East Coast's premier saltwater gamefish has sent hundreds of thousands of anglers in search of their fathers' and grandfathers' favorite quarry: the magnificent striped bass. But the best tools and techniques have changed since the striped bass was nearly wiped out, and anyone who has a hope of catching it must know this fish's many unique characteristics and habits.

In The Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing, noted angler and author Eric Burnley has compiled everything any angler needs to know to be successful at catching this wonderful fish. Burnley starts with the biology of the fish itself--its life cycle, migratory patterns up and down the seacoast, the baitfish and other foods it prefers, and the underwater structures anglers must learn to find monster stripers. He then addresses in exacting detail every possible way the sport angler can catch stripers, including:

* Spin casting around inshore structures from shore or boat
* Fly-fishing casts, retrieves, and special techniques
* Bait fishing from shore or boat with baitfish, shrimp, sandworms, eels, clams, and chum
* Trolling tackle, depths, direction, tide, and time of day
* Surfcasting tools, tips, and techniques

He also tells where to fish and when, gives detailed instruction on appropriate tackle and must-know knots, and instructs on invaluable rigs and the conditions where they are most successful. With comprehensible, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, dozens of clear illustrations, and years of experience as a master fisherman, Burnley's Ultimate Guide of Striped Bass Fishing is sure to be the first place for striped-bass anglers to look, and the last word on the subject.

About Burnley, Eric

Captain Eric B. Burnley Sr. has chased striped bass along the Atlantic Coast for more than forty years. For the past thirty-five years he has written about those experiences in any number of national and regional magazines, presented seminars on striper fishing and guided other anglers to successful encounters with striped bass. He is a full-time freelance writer.