Field & Stream Hunting Optics Handbook

An Expert's Guide To Riflescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, And Rangefinders


Book Description

Hunters often spend more money on optical equipment than they do on rifles, and yet they usually know very little about “glass.” Binoculars, rifle scopes and range finders cost a minimum of $1,000 each. That consumer wants to ensure he's spending money on the right products. This book informs the reader what kind of performance to look for in optics, depending on where they're going and what they're hunting. Good binoculars and scopes vastly improve a hunter's focus and range. Specific products are reviewed and presented here – with photos – in an easy-to-understand shoppers' guide that will vastly improve the hunting experience.

Thomas McIntyre is a contributing editor at Field & Stream, where he regularly tests new optics. He lives in Wyoming.

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