Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men

Searching Through Scotland For A Border Collie


Book Description

According to a Scottish saying, "There is no good flock without a good shepherd, and there is no good shepherd without a good dog." Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men is the story of Donald McCaig's search through rural Scotland for just the right sheepdog to bring back to his farm in West Virginia. McCaig delves into the mysterious pact between dog and man, which involves trust and deep communication. Traveling the countryside, to competitions and farms, meeting shepherds and trainers, McCaig introduces us to unforgettable animal and human characters. A must for dog lovers, and anyone interested in the relationship between animals and humans.

About McCaig, Donald

Novelist Donald McCaig is the renowned author of Nop's Trials. He and his wife run a sheep farm in the mountains of western Virginia.