Lefty Kreh's Longer Fly Casting

The Compact, Practical Handbook That Will Add Ten Feet--Or More--To Your Cast


Book Description

This book is written for all fly fishers, from the beginner to the near-expert. It shows how to cast more accurately, and for longer distances. In addition to basic tips, Lefty Kreh's Longer Fly Casting describes how to get more out of your cast; how to use a shooting head; how to execute the double haul; and how to overcome many common obstacles, including wind, weeds, casting from boats, and more.

About Kreh, Lefty

Lefty Kreh is an internationally known and respected master in the field of fly fishing. He is the author of Presenting the Fly, Fly Fishing in Salt Water, Saltwater Fly Patterns, Practical Fishing Knots, Solving Casting Problems, and 101 Fly-Fishing Tips. He lives in Maryland.