Cops: Cheating Death

How One Man (So Far) Saved The Lives Of Three Thousand Americans


Book Description

Here are thirty-four adrenaline-infused stories of police putting their lives on the line in pursuit of justice. These compelling true accounts of cops seconds from death will appeal to a large cross section of readers of adventure and crime stories: An Ohio state trooper shot by a crazed hitchhiker; a Pennsylvania policeman assaulted by an angry professor; a Maine cop attacked by a pedophile who's picture appeared on America's Most Wanted; and a North Dakota cop shot by a perp who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt, among many others.

About Venter, Al

Al Venter has been an international correspondent for nearly thirty years, most frequently for the Jaane's International Group. Among his previouS works are The Chopper Boys: Helicopter Warfare in Africa and The Iraqi War Debrief: Why Saddam Was Toppled. A native of South Africa, he currently lives in Canada.