History of Castles, New and Revised



Book Description

The History of Castles is the ultimate guide to the world's most fascinating castles and strongholds. Chapters include information on castles from France, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. An ideal book for history enthusiasts, people planning to take a vacation near one of these castles, and for anyone who is enamored of these breathtaking buildings.

About Gravett, Christopher

Christopher Gravett is chief curator of arms and armor, Royal Armories Collection at HM Tower of London, and is recognized worldwide as an authority on all aspects of the medieval age. He has written and coauthored several titles covering a variety of topics from this period, including The World of the Medieval Knight, Going to War in Viking Times, Knights at Tournament, Bosworth 1485, and Medieval Siege Warfare.