Extreme Outdoor Adventures

Who Survives And Why


Book Description

Incredible but True Stories of Confronting Death and Emerging Victorious

The rock climber who cut off his own arm with a penknife. The hiker who fought off a mountain lion. Passengers who survive the crash of a bush plane in Alaska. We read headlines we sometimes find hard to believe, yet there are on record dozens of such events. Here is a collection of tales from everyday people who faced terrible odds, accidents, extreme weather, wild animals, or severe injury, many describing how they entered another state of consciousness – an “adrenaline high” – to get away alive. Forget reality TV – this is real entertainment for the survival-story fanatic.

About Mueller, Larry

Larry Mueller has written adventure tales and a wide variety of feature stories for Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, American Hunter, and Sports Afield. He was the Outdoor Life Hunting Dogs Editor for over 24 years and has authored a dozen books, four of which are still in print.

Marguerite Reiss' career began with extensive newspaper work, after which she sough adventure in Alaska. She wrote feature stories for two Alaska newspapers, roughed it as a librarian for a time in a small, remote village, and went on to write stories of wilderness survival for Reader's Digest, Outdoor Life, and Guideposts. This is her third book.