Pro Tactics™: Bass

Use The Secrets Of The Pros To Catch More And Bigger Bass


Book Description

Bass fishing is the top angling sport in the United States, supporting a 4.8 billion dollar industry. This book teaches the ins and outs of fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass, covers the basics of tackle and equipment, presents detailed instructions for rigging artificial lures, and explains how to find and fish for bass through the seasons and in different water conditions and cover. A final chapter provides advice for anglers who fish in tournaments. The result is a complete, up-to-date course on bass fishing for the beginning to intermediate angler, with valuable tips for experienced anglers.

About Savik, Karen

Karen Savik is a bass tournament professional on the Wal-Mart FLW, Stren, and EverStart circuits. After turning pro in 2000, Karen became the first woman ever to qualify for the EverStart Series Championship. She is a member of the Land o' Lakes Pro Angling Team. She has made numerous television appearances, and recently guest starred on "North American Fisherman" in a show about smallmouth bass.