Fishing Alabama

An Angler's Guide To 50 Of The State's Prime Fishing Spots


Book Description

Bringing together more than ten years of hard-earned fishing experience in the Heart of Dixie—from the mountains of the north to the Mobile Delta and the Gulf of Mexico in the south—Fishing Alabama is the essential guide to fishing in this surprisingly diverse southern state. Alabama, which has the second largest inland waterway system of any state, is not only famous for its bass, but also has plenty of shad, walleye, and trout on offer; and it is home to a great variety of saltwater species, from amberjacks and redfish, to groupers and fighting tarpon, the state fish. Ed Mashburn selects the best spots, allowing anglers to use their limited fishing time to their best advantage. And he provides plenty of useful advice, including specific techniques and rigging hints for particular places.

About Mashburn, Floyd

Ed Mashburn has spent more than ten years fishing nearly every square mile of his native Alabama. A longtime photojournalist, he is text editor and a contributing writer for Florida Sportfishing and Destination Fish, and has published articles in Southern Sporting Journal.