Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques



Book Description

This state-of-the-art manual has already sold more than 45,000 paperback copies and is now completely updated and revised with new sections on transportation (such as carjacking or road-rage incidents), defending against terrorists (how to react to a suspicious package or behavior, for example), and information about numerous self-defense techniques. This survival guide now covers the world—any terrain, all climates—with hundreds of line drawings showing details on making tools and rafts, preserving food, applying first aid, and emerging alive from natural disasters, fires, deserts, shipwrecks, icy mountains, and much more. This is the complete answer book for frightening situations, and no one should leave home without it.

About Stilwell, Alexander

Alexander Stilwell has written and edited numerous books on sports and outdoor pursuits. He previously spent five years in the English Army, where he gained invaluable training in survival skills, first-aid procedures, and escape and evasion techniques.