Classic American Locomotives

The 1909 Classic On Steam Locomotive Technology


Book Description

Anyone who has watched in anticipation as a hundred tons of hot, black, smoky iron rolls into the station, or who thrills at the smell of creosote and the plaintive blue note of a steam whistle, will revel in Charles McShane's detailed examination of the inner workings of the classic steam engine. In this new, quality-paperback edition of the 1909 classic, fans of classic American steam locomotives can pore over hundreds of fascinating mechanical illustrations as McShane explains every aspect of how these impressive juggernauts operated.

As impressive as the sum of the parts may be, the steam engine is made up of hundreds of discreet systems-slide valves, steam injectors, lubricators, pressure gauges, pneumatic brakes and more-all of them scrutinized in loving detail in Classic American Locomotives. Starting with a brief history of the locomotive, McShane addresses every aspect of locomotive construction, even treating how each company manufactured the various parts, how an engineer or rail worker should maintain these components, and the relative merits of the different systems.

Classic American Locomotives will be an essential reference for experts and curators, and the centerpiece of any train fan's library.

About Mcshane, Charles

Charles McShane was also the author of The Locomotive Up to Date and One Thousand Pointers for Machinists and Engineers.