The Life of Roger Tory Peterson


Book Description

[2015 Reprint] Roger Tory Peterson—the Renaissance man who taught Americans the joy of watching birds—also invented the modern field guide. His 1934 landmark Field Guide to the Birds was the first book designed to go outdoors and help people identify the elements of nature. This self-proclaimed “student of nature” combined spectacular writing with detailed illustrations to ultimately publish many other books, winning every possible award and medal for natural science, ornithology, and conservation.
Birdwatcher is a comprehensive, illustrated biography of Roger Tory Peterson--a hero in the conservation world--including interviews with friends, family, and protégés.

About Rosenthal, Elizabeth

Elizabeth J. Rosenthal ( has published birding articles in Bird Watcher’s Digest, New Jersey Audubon, and Snowy Egret. She is the author of the acclaimed His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John. A longtime New Jersey civil servant, she lives in Burlington, New Jersey.