Pro Tactics™: Muskie

Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch More and Bigger Muskies


Book Description

They don’t call it the Fish of Ten Thousand Casts for nothing. The challenge of catching muskie is not only finding them, but also figuring out their attitude and what presentation might work—today. To find success tomorrow, you’ll probably need a different location, attitude, and lure. 

Pro muskie “hunters” Jack Burns and Rob Kimm share their own experience as well as that of the many other muskie anglers with whom they’ve worked and fished over the years. They cover the basic biology of muskies and how you can use that knowledge to catch more and bigger fish. They discuss fishing tackle, release techniques, reacting to follows, doing figure eights, triggering strikes, and much more.

In this expertly written book you’ll find examples of on-the-water tactics and strategies covering a wide range of situations. More important, you’ll develop an understanding of the why behind a particular strategy and how to adapt to different water and weather conditions throughout the year. The result is a complete, up-to-date course on muskie fishing for the beginning to intermediate angler.

About Burns, Jack

Jack Burns is editor emeritus of The Next Bite—Esox Angler magazine. Jack has fished muskies for more than thirty years throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northwest Ontario and has published muskie-fishing articles in In-Fisherman and Peterson's Fishing magazines. Jack was the muskie columnist for Minnesota Outdoor News from 1990 to 2004 and has been a guest speaker at Muskies Inc. chapter meetings throughout the Midwest.

Rob Kimm is senior editor of The Next Bite—Esox Angler magazine. A former instructor at In-Fisherman's Camp Fish, Rob now pursues muskie and pike in Ontario and Minnesota. He is a frequent contributor to In-Fisherman magazine and is the featured muskie columnist for the Minnesota Outdoor News. Rob holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and also works as a consultant in the technical communications field.