Pro Tactics™: Whitetail Hunting

Expert Strategies And Techniques For A Successful Hunt


Book Description

The whitetailed deer is North America’s most sought after big game animal, and its numbers have skyrocketed in recent years. Yet it remains one of our wariest and most elusive quarries. In Pro Tactics: Whitetail Hunting, outdoor writer and Maine guide Bob Humphrey shares his knowledge and experience, as well as the wisdom of others he’s shared the deer woods with over several decades of chasing the king of North American big game. He covers everything from basic biology to the latest technology and how to use that information for a more successful and enjoyable hunt.


This expertly written book provides advice on selecting the right equipment, as well as scouting and hunting, whether on foot or in a stand, with virtually any legal weapon. More important, readers will gain a much greater understanding of the whitetail’s behavior and how to modify and adapt basic techniques to fit particular situations. The result is a comprehensive and contemporary course on deer hunting with something for everyone from the rank amateur to the grizzled veteran.


About Humphrey, Bob

Bob Humphrey is a registered Maine guide and a certified wildlife biologist. He has a wealth of experience from over 25 years of hunting across North America. In 2003, he wrote and published New England Turkey Hunting - Strategies for Success, with Sport Venturs press and in 2009 published Pro Tactics Turkey Hunting (Lyons). His articles have appeared in Petersen's and Outdoor Life.