Pro Tactics™: Turkey Hunting

Use the Secrets of the Pros to Bag More Birds


Book Description

As anyone who ever set his sights on a turkey can confirm, hunting this bird is one of the most technically challenging sports there is. Because turkey hunters know that their concentration, skill, and performance need to be high, they're are always on the lookout for insights and advice—so they can bag their limit of gobblers every season.

Registered Maine guide Bob Humphrey distills twenty-five years of turkey hunting know-how, sharing the insider tips and techniques he gives his clients, like how to:

  • Know the quarry
  • Anticipate its moves
  • Excel at calling
  • Prepare for the season
Look inside, there's never been a turkey hunting book like this. Discover how to build a successful season from the ground up by refining your techniques and learning creative new ways of calling, using decoys, and bagging the maximum.

About Humphrey, Bob

Bob Humphrey is a registered Maine guide and a certified wildlife biologist. He has a wealth of experience from over 25 years of hunting turkeys across North America. In 2003, he wrote and published New England Turkey Hunting - Strategies for Success, with Sport Venturs press. His articles have appeared in Petersen's and Outdoor Life.