U.S. Army Zombie Combat Skills



Book Description

The official U.S. Army field manual
with more than 100 illustrations of zombie combat techniques

The United States Army is prepared for every kind of combat. This is the Soldier's Zombie Combat Field Manual. It explains how to perform the combat skills needed to survive on the battlefield against the hordes of the Undead. All Soldiers, across all branches, must learn these basic skills in preparation for battle against reanimated corpses.

Combat against the Undead is chaotic, intense, and shockingly destructive. In a soldier's first battle, he will experience the confusing and often terrifying sights, sounds, smells, and dangers of the zombie battlefield—and he must learn to survive and win despite them. He will be surrounded by destruction, death, and the Undead. The air will be filled with the smell of explosives, propellant, and decaying flesh. He will hear the screams of a devoured comrade. But, if he follows the training provided in this book, he can win in battle against zombies and return home with honor.

* Individual Readiness * Zombie Combat Care and Preventive Medicine * Environmental Conditions * Cover, Concealment, and Camouflage * Fighting Positions * Movement * Urban Area Procedures * “Every Soldier is a Sensor” * Zombie Combat Marksmanship * Communications * Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape

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This book was written by order of the Secretary of the Army.