Totally Scripted

Idioms, Words, and Quotes from Hollywood to Broadway That Have Changed the English Language


Book Description

The language of Hollywood resonates beyond the stage and screen because it often has inherent drama—or comedic effect. This volume contains a combination of approximately 100 expertly researched essays on words, phrases and idioms made famous by Hollywood along with the stories behind 30 or so of the most iconic—and ultimately often used—quotes from films. There are also sidebars that focus on other ways the entertainment world has changed language. For instance, stories behind stars whose names have been used for drinks (hello, Shirley Temple) or roses (there are ones named after Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland, among others). And, a sidebar on William Shakespeare’s unique contribution to the English language.

About Chetwynd, Josh

Josh Chetwynd is an award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author who has worked extensively covering the entertainment industry. He served as a film and TV reporter/columnist at USA Today, deputy film editor at The Hollywood Reporter and as a contributing writer for Variety. From in-depth pieces on movie marketing to conducting interviews on the red carpet at the Oscars, he has written and reported on nearly every facet of the industry.